Best Working Mosquito Trap You Can Build By Your Own

Best Working Mosquito Trap You Can Build By Your Own

This probably doesn’t work, but people still convince themselves that it just might work for them. But go ahead and give it a try … it might just work for you. The idea is that you hang a bag full of water from a tree and this somehow scares bugs away. As we all know, mosquitos and the like don’t like standing water at all. Get more here:


Tap a Phone Line

Spying on someone? Add to your information-gathering techniques with a little old fashioned phone tapping. Although tapping people’s phones is illegal, that hasn’t stopped AT&T or the government, so why should it stop you? Find out who in your neighborhood is a terrorist!


Super Smart iTunes Playlists

Smart playlists are one of those often overlooked and underutilized features of iTunes. Dean Cheesman has an article outlining how to put your smart playlists on steroids and beef up your music management system. He gives a bunch of screenshots (like the one above) of example playlists and explains the logic behind them. You can tell he’s spent a lot of time thinking about some of these.

iTunes Playlists