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Welcome to DIYhappy.com,

we are a team of solution seeking enthusiasts, that are searching for the best products which can make your everyday life easier. This is the reason why we have decided to not only develop our own solutions but also to review products which we think could follow the same ideas as we have with our own products.

Probably you are asking yourself where the idea came from and what is driving us to do what we do. It isn’t that hard at all – why are you doing things that you doing every day? Searching and reviewing new products became our passion and we just love the feeling to uncover new products and reveal their simplicity and usefulness to our readers. That is basically what is driving us – to see people like you smile when they buy a new product which we recommended and reviewed on our website.

We are always open to new ideas and new products. That is why we get excited if we see new product ideas which we, either could develop or review, in our inbox.

The DIYhappy.com website is owned and run by Štefan Grašič.

The business behind is:

Štefan Grašič s.p.

Senično 62, 4294 Križe