Welcome to DIY Happy Ear Wax Removal and Cleaning Center

A team devoted to researching and testing medical products which can also be used at home. We belive that doctor’s visits are mostly overpriced and sometimes even unnecessary if you know how to treat your condition and which tools you can use at home.

What started out as a partial loss of hearing of our founder Luka Cekic has now become people’s go to source  when it comes to ear wax remover and ear cleaning tools for children and adults. Browse through our website to get all of the information  you need to clean your ears and remover ear wax.

Ear wax removal tools reviews and methodology

With the surge of online shops, and offline shops we are overwhelmed with new offers every day. Not a day goes by without a new company offering you something “revolutionary” and if you don’t have the time to thouroghly read everything you can find on-line there is a great chance you will end up buying something that just does not work.

Through last few years we have tested more than 300 different ear wax removal tools to discover which work best and are still affordable. We found the right ones and made them available to our customers.

Our experienced team also regularly tests new arrivals and reviews them for you to make your decision easier and worry free.


Our mission here at Diy Happy ear wax removal and cleaning center is to provide our customers with tested and proven ear wax removal tools and unbiased reviews of them. Quality, usability, durability and price/performance ratio are always taken into consideration when we have to decide if products are good enough for our customers.

Each product is tested for a considerable amount of time by us, our friends, family members and even our inhouse physician.

Our Team

Management team

Luka Cekic

The management leader and business founder of DIYhappy ear wax removal center.

Luka Cekic a guy who really enjoys researching things which can make our everyday lives easier. Few years ago, while he was suffering from partial loss of hearing, he spent hours and days researching what could be the cause of his condition. While he was searching for a solution he stumbled upon a plethora of products – Ear wax removal tools which he could use at home. Months went into testing different tools and the ones that really worked are now available to you here at DIYhappy ear wax removal center.

Writer team

Stefan Grasic (Dipl.-Jur) A great guy, researcher with considerable experience in finance and health related niches. While he was studying in Netherlands he used to be a part time writer for Health~Holland on-line magazine where he realised that western medicine is just short of a mirracle. Really enjoys writing articles for the general readership. Stefan is an active researcher. In his free time Stefan enjoys mountain biking, surfing, skiing and other adrenaline sports.

Urban Leben is our resident »ear specialist«, delving into topics of ear health, ear hygiene and related hygiene products. He joined the team as a guest wordsmith and researcher with a background in health and social studies, marketing and IT, his knowledge spans many different areas.

Lots of his spare time is used sifting through music, as he is also a hobbyist dj. Likes to hoop and play volleyball.


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