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Can Ear Wax Cause Tinnitus?


Tinnitus is defined as hearing sound without any external sound stimuli present and it manifests itself as ringing, clicking or hissing in your ears. The constant sound can lead to difficulties like loss of concentration, anxiety and even depression.

Tinnitus is not actually a disease, but a symptom, caused by several different things, which makes it hard to diagnose precisely. The most common reason behind tinnitus is hearing loss caused by noise. Other causes might be ear infections, taking certain medications, previous head injury and emotional stress. Earwax buildups are also the cause of many ear ailments, tinnitus being one of them, but how are they really related?

The Link Between Earwax and Tinnitus

Glands inside the ear canal secrete cerumen, as the medical professionals name the waxy substance, to protect our ears by intercepting dirt and foreign bodies and form a protective layer against bacteria and water. This process is self-regulating and takes care of the excess earwax by pushing it outwards with the help of jaw movement, so generally no extra cleaning is needed for our ears to function normally.

Most people experience no problems with earwax during their lives, but that doesn’t mean complications never occur. An excess of the substance, if not properly removed, can build up and become impacted. Such earwax blockages form because of many reasons, some people simply produce more earwax than others and people with dry type of cerumen are more likely to experience buildups. Blockages can also be caused by improper wax removal. Using ear hygiene products like cotton swabs can have exactly the opposite effect, instead of cleaning the wax, it can be pushed further inside the ear canal where it causes an impaction. We have just recently published an article about the best ear cleaning tools to use instead of cotton swabs. You will find more information about tools you can use to be on the safe side when cleaning your ears.

Excess earwax, impacted against the eardrum, creates pressure and is often the cause of tinnitus. The condition can be very agitating and can seriously affect your mood and your ability to concentrate. There is a definite relation between earwax and tinnitus, so if you are experiencing ringing in your ears, be sure to visit your general physician or an otorhinolaryngologistto check your ears and rule out earwax as the root of the problem.

Earwax Buildup Symptoms

As mentioned previously, earwax buildups can cause many complications with your ears. They impede the passage of sound, cause hearing loss, pain in the ear, irritation or itchiness and even spells of dizziness, by affecting the workings of the inner ear, which acts as the center for balance. Ringing in the ears is a possible sign of earwax impaction, along with odor and occasional discharges.

Such symptoms warrant the condition to be addressed as quickly as possible, ignoring the problem will only make matters worse and can even result in an unpleasant ear infection. While there are methods to remove the excess earwax by yourself, visiting your doctor is highly recommended to properly assess the situation and decide on the best way to treat the problem. There are also tools you can use at home to clean your ears. One of the best tools which are also used by doctors is the ear irrigator and the Elephant Ear Washer. Both of the tools clean ear wax building using water pressure. Water is injected in your ear canal under high pressure and cleans the inside of your ear once it gets inside.

There are also other similar tools like the endoscope ear pick, and the smart swab tool which are both working based on the same principles.

Treating Impacted Earwax

Removing the earwax, when it creates a blockage, is imperative to clean the ear canal and prevent further complications. This can be achieved using several different methods, which are not all equally effective and without risks.

Cerumenolytic, earwax solving or softening drops are the least invasive method of earwax removal, usually based on a type of oil or hydrogen peroxide. Drops should be used 2 to 3 times daily, in the period of 3 to 5 days. They soften the earwax enough to be easily dislodged and are often used in combination with other methods.

Ear irrigation can be performed with a syringe or a special irrigation device. Warm water or a saline mixture is used to wash the ear canal and remove any excess earwax and debris.

Curettes can be used to physically dislodge and scoop up the earwax. They are very effective with dry type of cerumen, as it flakes easily. Using utensils like curettes and cotton swabs should be left to trained professionals, since their careless use can result in abrasion, pushing the wax further in and even perforating the eardrum.

The methods described above vary in their effectiveness and carry certain risks, especially when attempted by untrained individuals. Practices like ear candling should always be avoided, as they are ineffective and dangerous. It is highly recommended to visit your general physician or an ear specialist to perform the earwax removal and avoid any further complications and unwanted side effects. Another reason to enlist the help of professionals is that people often do not thoroughly inspect the ear after cleaning, to make sure they removed all of the wax. If the wax is not removed completely, the buildup will soon reappear and make conditions like the troublesome tinnitus possible again.

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Smart Swab Review

Smart Swab Review and Insights – Let’s Check The Background First

Ear hygiene is an important, if somewhat troublesome, part of our everyday lives. It seems that a number of people are experiencing some sort of problems or discomfort with their hearing apparatus and it often comes down to an excess amount or earwax building up inside the ear canal and forming an unpleasant block. We’ll explain more about the earwax and the inner workings of our ears a bit later, let’s just say that most of the people never or rarely encounter ear problems and just go on with their lives without a second thought about ear hygiene.

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However, if you do run into problems like that and the symptoms are not so serious, it seems a burden to have to visit your doctor every time such troubles occur, especially with the vast number of remedies and instruments available online or at your local pharmacist to address the situation in the comfort of your home. When we say vast, we really mean a lot! Ear hygiene and earwax removal products range from ear drops, ear syringes and ear irrigation kits to otoscopes, curettes, scoop tips and even digital USB cameras small enough to fit inside your ear. Some ideas and designs are very common and well known, others are pretty fresh and innovative like the new Smart Swab.

So, let’s talk a bit about earwax and its purpose. The human ear is a delicate instrument and the eardrum and the skin inside our ear canal are very sensitive. They are nicely tucked away to prevent any direct physical damage but this also means they are susceptible to dirt and other foreign bodies, since the ear canal is hard to reach and clean. Our body takes care of this problems by secreting earwax, or cerumen in medical terminology, which forms a protective layer guarding the ear against water, dirt, insects and bacterial infections.

The ear slowly pushes the earwax layer out towards the outer ear where it eventually dries up in contact with air and leaves the ear, carrying any matter gathered along the walls of the ear canal with it. This is a self-regulated process and doesn’t need any conscious involvement from ourselves. Basically, under normal circumstances, the ear will take care of its cleaning by itself and we don’t need to worry about it. Manual cleaning using cotton swabs or other implements is usually discouraged by medical professionals since it’s mostly unnecessary and can even lead to adverse effects, because we risk pushing the earwax further inside the ear canal where it forms a blockage.

How Doest Smart Swab Work?


Of course, there are exceptions. Some people produce more earwax than others and build-ups can occur without any interference. Such cases will need tending to and that is why there are so many earwax removal products on the market like the new Smart Swab.

Smart Swab is a relatively unique method of tackling the problem. The product consists of a reusable handle and several disposable soft silicone tips, which are attached to the handle. The tips are shaped into a spiral form and the instructions explain that you simply insert the tip into your ear and twist the handle in the direction marked with arrows. That motion should scoop up the excess earwax and all that is left to do is to remove the Smart Swab and the wax along with it. The Smart Swab manufacturer states that the tip length is measured just right to reach the earwax without prodding too deep and possibly harming your eardrum.


It sounds simple enough in theory and it should be much less complicated and messy than performing an ear irrigation, for example, but does Smart Swab actually work?

We can’t offer any first-hand experience because unfortunately we didn’t try Smart Swab by ourselves, but there are numerous customer reviews available online. Amazon currently rates this product at an average of 2.6 stars, with a quarter of the customers awarding it the full 5 stars but over 40% of the customers rating it just 1 star. It seems that the general consensus are mixed feelings at best. Unsatisfied customers complain that the product simply didn’t work and they couldn’t extract any earwax. There are also comments about the silicone tips falling off the handle and the tip size not being suitable, either too big or too small.

Smart Swab Final Verdict

The Smart Swab is an elastic rubber that states it can remove ear wax from your ear, without going too far inside you canal. Dr. Hughes, an ENT specialist at DIYhappy wasn’t sure that’s the best tool to use. “I felt like by making sure it won’t go too far down in the ear canal, it probably wouldn’t work because of how short it was”.

Smart Swab company should maybe consider introducing different size tips, we understand that the length used is important in keeping the product safe, but not every ear is shaped the same and what works for some people might not work for others. It seems that the tip size of Smart Swab is a significant part of the mixed reviews and the people that rated it high and were generally satisfied were just the ones that the product fit perfectly.

Where To Buy Smart Swab?

The Smart Swab is currently on sale on Amazon, priced at $10.99, with the regular price being $11.99. The package contains the reusable handle, 16 disposable silicone tips and a storage case. Additional tips can be purchased once you have run out.

Remember, if you experience any serious symptoms, like strong discomfort, hearing loss or pain, visit your doctor for a check-up and he will advise you on appropriate action.

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Endoscope Ear Pick Insights

Best Seller

Endoscope Ear Pick

average customer rating 5.0 / 5.0 Show reviews
  • $22.99
  • $28.99
  • You save $6.00

FAST DELIVERY:    (3 – 5 Days)

Main features:

  • SIMPLE TO USE – connect the USB Ear Endoscope to the USB port of any Android device, Windows PC, MAC or a laptop and start recording
  • HIGH IMAGE RESOLUTION – 1.3 Mega Pixels
  • LIGHT SOURCES – 6 pcs LED lights, brightness adjustable
  • INTERFACE – USB 2.0 & Micro USB & USB Type-C
  • FUNCTIONS – Taking photos, recording videos, measurement, text input
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL – You can also use it to check the eardrum, mouth, gums, throat, nasal cavity, scalp hair root and other body parts

About product


- 1 x Pen Camera
- 2 x Earpicks
- 1 x Protective Sleeve
- 1x Cleanning Cloth
- 1 x Manual


- Observe your ear canal on your phone, PC or laptop with a help of HD camera
- Scoop out excessive ear wax with added picks
- Control the light to see everything


- Download the right APP for your device
- Install the APP
- Connect to the device

Warnings: Never insert the camera all the way into the ear canal, be careful not to cause any injuries to the eardrum

Additional information

  • 0,1100 kg
  • 18.5 x 9.5 x 5 cm

Product Reviews:


average customer rating



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What is Endoscope Ear Pick?

Ears are sensitive organs and having an itching feeling, pressure because of on earwax build-up or hearing difficulties can be a real burden. If you, or your family members, often experience problems like that, Endoscope Ear Pick might be your solution. It is an effective, simple to use tool to have a look inside your ear and determine what the root of your problem is.

This tool is basically a digital camera inspection tool, that you connect to your smartphone, your tablet or your computer, which enables you to have a clear video feed of what exactly is going on inside your ear canal. Once you have realized what the problem is, you can then take steps in order to remedy the situation.


How Does The Endoscope Ear Pick Work?

The small digital camera, that you insert into your ear, is equipped with a 1.5 m cable with a USB connection plug, which you connect to your device to transmit the video feed. The camera itself is surrounded by 6 blue LED lights, that ensure the endoscope has a strong light source and the picture is bright and crisp. There is a switch attached to the cable to adjust the brightness of the LEDs. The Endoscope is waterproof rated IP67, to make sure it is protected from the wet environment and the camera chip does not heat up during operation, so it proposes no burn risk to your ear.

The focal point of the camera is fixed at around 1 inch from the lens (roughly 2.5 cm). Inside the package 4 different size adapters are included to ensure the appropriate distance for an optimal image. You just have to try them out and you will find the one that fits perfectly. The adapters, that you attach to the end of the camera, also prevent the camera of getting in direct contact with the earwax and smudging the lens.

The endoscope cable has two different USB plugs available – the regular USB and type-c USB, so you can connect the camera to most devices. The endoscope is compatible with Windows and Android devices as well as Apple computers and laptops, unfortunately it does not work with iPhones and iPads. It does not need a dedicated power source or a battery as it draws its power supply through the USB connection. Setting up the device is very simple, you just download the corresponding app to your device and connect the endoscope before starting the app. The app is freely available on Android, Windows and Apple app stores.

Final Verdict

The Endoscope is a nifty and practical device that is easy to use and will not stretch your budget. Besides taking care of your ears it has many other applications. You can use it to check your pets’ ears, have a look into dark, tight and hard to reach places, like behind your cupboard, or even electronic devices like your AC unit – just make sure to unplug them first to avoid any risks. The customer feedback is mostly positive, with many users praising its simplicity and convenience. There are however some negative remarks about the lack of instructions and compatibility with software updates and newer operating system versions, so maybe do some research and check if the endoscope is compatible with your specific device and software before purchasing.

Remember, this Ear Pick is handy device to maintain your ear hygiene and tackle mild problems like earwax build-ups, but if your symptoms are severe and you experience any kind of pain, be sure to visit your physician and discuss the problem with a medical professional.