You know those huge lantern batteries that are the size of bricks? Turns out they’re actually just a treasure chest containing 32 AA batteries! With the cost of 32 AA batteries being between $10-$20, its amazing that you can get all of them for the price of a single lantern battery (~$5). If you buy a name brand, I’d even be willing to bet you’re getting the exact same batteries. Just bust it open and you’re ready to go! [via]

Update: Apparently YMMV. Some, if not all, of these lantern batteries, may contain other types of battery cells that will be useless to you. The battery used to prove this false is a different brand then the one in the first video, but there’s still a chance that different brands might have different internals. See the comments before you try this, and let us know what your results are. [Thanks, conedude13]

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