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Our List Of Best Mosquito Traps of 2019


Our List Of The Best Traps of 2019 To Get Rid of Mosquitos

Are you looking for the best mosquito traps and you want our thoughts about it?

You are in luck because we are going to tell you everything you need to know about mosquito traps in 2018. We will go through the following topics:

  • What are those traps and how they work,
  • Indoor versus outdoor use,
  • What to focus on when buying a trap,
  • Main types of those traps.

Are you looking for the ultimate mosquito-killing machine, to get rid of all of the mosquitos in your area?

Unfortunately, such a thing doesn’t exist yet. However, you can achieve exceptional results using the holistic approach to the mosquito problem. In order to do that, you have to target the entire mosquito life cycle. In addition to having an effective trap, you should get rid of the standing water in your area to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs. If you can’t, you should use Mosquito Dunks, to poison the mosquito larva. Another solution is getting fish that feed on mosquito eggs. Dragonfly is another natural predator that could help getting rid of those annoying insects. Furthermore, pick your outdoor lighting so they would attract as little of mosquitos as possible. Trim your bushes and hedges cutting out mosquitos resting space. Place the trap in the most effective position – in a shady place between the mosquito source and the usual area where people enjoy the garden. It is a place where mosquitos like to rest between feeding, making your trap very efficient. It is also important that you put it in a downwind position if it is windy outside. Otherwise, the mosquitos won’t be able to fly towards your trap. You should also wear mosquito repellent, and last but not least: educate yourself on the prevalent species of mosquitos in your area. Different kinds of mosquitos have different habits and if you want to have a trap with the right attractants for your mosquito problem, you should be aware of what you are dealing with. A good  trap will always kill a lot of insects, however, if you pick it to target the specific kind of a mosquito you will deal with them in the most efficient way.

What Are This traps Made Of?

Mosquito trap is a devices, designed to lure in mosquitos, using different attractants that imitate the signals mosquitos use to find their prey. Be it CO2, the chemicals we release from our bodies, light or heat. After the device lures in the mosquito, it kills him using different methods. It can be electricity, a pool of water or a trapping chamber from which they are unable to escape.


How do they work?

Mosquito is lured in using many different attractants. Mosquitos find their pray in many different ways. They are able to sense CO2, more than 300 chemicals that are a byproduct of our bodies, light and even heat. Different mosquito species are more sensitive to different attractants. The traps usually use a combination of those attractants to lure in the mosquito. After the mosquito enters the trap it is met with various methods that kill the insect. They could be drowned in a pool of water, electrified or just closed in a chamber where they starve to death.

Indoor or outdoor traps?

There are some differences in use cases for outdoor and indoor traps. While indoor traps have a smaller reach and are not water resistant, outdoor traps use larger quantities of CO2 when attracting the insects.

Indoor traps

They are most effective in small indoor spaces where there is a limited number of mosquitos. You can place them in a room, close all the doors and windows, and after an hour, the room should be mosquito-free.

Always leave the room or the mosquitos will not fall into the trap – they will go after you instead. The indoor taps are not very strong and are not very effective in open areas or larger rooms. This type of trap is a short-term solution to get rid of a small mosquito population. Indoor traps are cheap and easy to carry. Most often they use light or heat to attract the insects.

Outdoor traps

The main target of mosquito outdoor traps is the female mosquitos in the area. By reducing female mosquitos we influence and lower the mosquito reproduction which can lead to a drastic change in population, sometimes wiping it completely.

Outdoor traps should be powerful and capable to attract the mosquitos in a larger area. Some of the most efficient traps attract mosquitos in a distance of more than 300 feet. Outdoor traps are a very good solution for your garden. However, the results are not instant. You should wait for six to eight weeks to see the results of your outdoor trap. You need to have a systematic approach and test different positions and tactics to get the most out of your trap.

The main types of traps for killing mosquitos

There are quite a few differences when looking at the traps. The main feature of traps is the attractant they use. It can be heat, light, CO2 or other chemicals.

Carbon Dioxide Traps

Carbon dioxide traps imitate the CO2 emissions coming from human breath. They are mostly propane fueled traps: the propane is transformed into CO2 which is used to attract the mosquitos. They are more expensive in terms of purchase as well as maintenance. Another thing to consider is the flammability of propane – it could be dangerous if not handled properly. Despite some downside, that kind of traps is very powerful and effective.

Heat And Light Traps

Those type of traps hunts for mosquitos using either different frequencies of infrared or UV light. The infrared light imitates the human or animal heat, tricking the insect into believing it is the heat of their prey. A UV light is set to frequencies known to attract the mosquitos, zapping them when they come nearby. Heat and light traps are not as strong, however, they are portable and can be used both inside and outside in most cases.

Homemade Traps

Homemade traps usually consist of a yeast and sugar solution, to produce the carbon dioxide, a known mosquito attractant. When the mosquitos approach the trap, they are usually caught by a pool of water where they drown. It is not that effective indoors, and using it outside is completely pointless.

What to focus on when buying a new trap?

Various types of traps perform differently in different places. You have to do your homework and do some research for what’s best for your situation before you buy the trap. Here are some of the things you should consider before making a purchase:

  • The size of your mosquito problem and what is your final goal

If your problem already falls under infestation level, you could be too late for a trap. Even the best available traps cannot completely solve the extreme mosquito situations. In that case, you will have to consider some of the more powerful methods of mosquito extermination.

The most effective traps for moderate levels of mosquito population are those with a CO2 attractant including a long range of effect. If you want to get get rid of indoor mosquitos or a smaller population in your garden, you can also use heat and light based traps.

  • The types of mosquitos in your area

There are more than 3,500 different kinds of mosquitos. Their habits and preferences vary greatly. You need to carefully consider the type of mosquitos you are dealing with in order to buy the most effective trap for the specific species of mosquito that is bothering you.

  • Where to put the traps?

 The best location is a shady place between the source of mosquitos and the area where the people like to hang out in your garden. Another thing to be mindful about is the wind direction. The traps should be placed in a downwind direction in cases of stronger winds.

  • Budget

When buying anything, you should be aware of your budget. The prices of traps vary greatly, so you should be mindful of what is the most effective trap inside your budget. The propane-fueled traps, for example, are expensive also when considering the maintenance cost. They use more electricity and you also need to replace the dioxide cylinders.

Your budget is another reason why you should be aware of what do you want to achieve. If you want to exterminate the outside mosquito population you should go with an outdoor trap, in most other cases, the indoor traps are sufficient enough while being cheaper.

Do I have to buy any extras when getting a new trap?

It depends. If you are buying a light or heat based traps, you just need electricity. You only need to plug the trap in and you are good to go. If you are looking for a more powerful outdoor trap, you could need to buy additional propane to make the CO2. Another extra would be the replacement of the carbon dioxide cylinders and other attractants.

You don’t have to buy insecticide when purchasing a trap. However, it can be helpful when combined with a trap.

Do this traps really work?

The effectiveness of those traps depends on a few factors. It can be the size of the population, the location of the trap or the habits of the mosquito species you are dealing with. If you live close to major mosquito breeding grounds, even the most effective outdoor traps would not be sufficient for your problem.

Another thing to consider is that sometimes the long-range traps attract even more mosquitos which make the problem worse.

All in all, outdoor traps can be a very effective long-term solution when combined with other extermination methods. You should always keep in mind that you need to have a holistic approach when dealing with mosquitos. The combination of different methods will therefore always be the most efficient when dealing with those pesky insects.

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