The subject of DIY body modification is one that has turned out a heated debate for as many years as regulated professionals have been working in the industry and online business solutions. Some say “never ever do it yourself, have a professional punch holes in your skin”, and others say “piercings for everyone, regardless of skill level”. My personal stance is: “you have to learn somehow”.

Whether it’s having willing skin (friends) to get some jewelry in to perfect a technique you learned, or self-piercing to get a feel (mind the pun) for the work, either way it’s a 100% hands-on job, and not one you can learn by only watching others. Practicing on grapefruit is pretty good, but it’s not a substitute for getting down to the nitty gritty as soon as you’re able. Just remember your three E’s, kids: Education, Experience and Equipment!

Learn Build Earn – DIY Digital products

Here is another great DIY tutorial on how to build digital knowledge courses. Mark Ling is releasing his course called the learn build earn, where he will share his knowledge on how to build an online business. He has been in the business for over a decade so this guy really knows his stuff!

In his training, you will learn:

  • the top 20 niches that are currently underserved with digital products
  • how to dominate in those niches
  • beat 99% of your competition
  • find people to promote your DIY course
  • get traffic to your offer
  • much much more

You can make a digital course from just about anything you can imagine, including short DIY guides that you see here on our blog.

DIY Retirement Plan – Have You Considered a Gold IRA?

In recent years, when the fiat currencies are becoming more and more unstable, people are looking for ways to protect their retirement savings. If you have all of your money stored in paper money, you can quickly loose a lot with inflation.

This is where gold and other precious metals come in. For years, gold has kept a solid price when comparing it to paper assets. Usually when a collapse happens, gold prices go up. This has made it the perfect hedge against inflation.

So if you are worried about losing your savings and want to learn more about the best IRA accounts, go and visit where you will be able to find a lot of usefull resources on how the precious metals IRA works and how to rollover properly without paying a fine.

For the full rollover guide please reffer to

The best way and the only way to do this in a cost effective way is to find a reputable gold IRA company and let them handle everything for you. The 2 most reputable companies currently in business are advantage gold IRA investments and Regal Assets LLC. Read more about it in this Regal Assets analysis and this advantage gold comprehensive review.

Here are some key factors to consider when doing a precious metals rollover:

  • fees and structure of those fees
  • storage
  • history of the company
  • a reputation of the company
  • online reviews

If you are looking for more you should check out:



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