How To Build Your Own eCommerce Shop In 5 Steps

How To Build Your Own eCommerce Shop In 5 Steps

Is it Possible to get Your Own eCommerce – Online Shop in Short period of Time? The answer is: Yes!

Magento e-Commerce solutions makes it possible.

Tools like Magento, Shopify, Wix and other platforms make it possible. Magento is an online shop payment processor, and the most frequently used. Using the software, the pages of an online store can be created and the entire order process can be processed electronically. The program can also be customized with thousands of available, mostly paid extensions. Thanks to Magento’s wide distribution, there are numerous user communities where ideas, problems and questions can be exchanged or inspired.Online Shopping

Step 1: Set goals for your own Online Store

When talking about e-commerce, many are already too blue-eyed. Whoever builds up an online shop can quickly experience the first disappointments, when things are going quite differently as planed. Set goals and consider how they can be achieved. How will you get enough visitors to your online shop? How do you build the search engine friendliness? Do you intend to switch ads?

Keep in mind that the target group on the web might be different or you could reach a different target group online than usual. How can they be addressed?

Step 2: Set up Your Online Shop

Magento offers three options: a website, a store or a store view. The decision for one of the three functions determines the later structure of the page. Are several customer groups addressed or one and the same? The store can, for example, map several departments, which are grouped together as a department store on one side. The website is worthwhile for different customer groups. The store view is usually only suitable if several languages are going to be displayed. You can easily select and set the appropriate format. If you are not familiar with Magento, you can also try some other free website creator or just outsource the whole process.

Choose a template that you want to use. Table-free templates are best suited. These can be downloaded free of charge in the Magento Connect Marketplace.

Check out the video below to learn how to set up your online shop:


Step 3: Adjust and optimize for better eCommerce Customer experience

Here you can do a lot to improve the website and its structure. For example, in its Backend, set your URLs to readable URLs. In this step, you can also take care of the design of the shop and set up so-called static blocks and CMS pages. In addition, give the shop itself and the various pages suitable names and ensure a barrier-free coordination on the page. It is best to always click on the major changes to make sure that your eCommerce page is working and looks as desired.

Step 4: Find and Select Products for your Online Business

It goes to the filling! Place the products online, which can be obtained in the future via the shop. In this context, meaningful photos and descriptions are also important. This is the most important part of your online shop. Do all the details match. Can all products be loaded and viewed? Make test purchases.

Watch the video below to learn how to find a best selling product:

Step 5: Get Started

Ready to go. Not yet – For now, it’s all about making your online shop recognizable. And such a thing does not happen by itself. Advertising and social media, you can familiarize new and familiar target groups with your new distribution channel! Also, an own blog can round off the advertising portfolio around your products well.eCommerce Business Channel

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