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Dodow Review – Falling Asleep in Twenty Minutes With This Night Light Projector

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Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? Are you losing precious hours of sleep tossing and turning in bed unable to relax? Dodow might just be your answer. This new night light projector helps you achieve falling asleep in a natural way.

Importance of a Good Night’s Restslipping girl

Having problems falling asleep is a very common occurrence. Insomnia is the most prevalent sleeping disorder; it affects ten to fifty percent of the population according to worldwide conducted studies.

National Sleep Foundation survey in the United States of America showed that roughly one in four Americans experience occasional bouts of sleeplessness while nine percent of people experience sleep difficulty on a regular basis. Insomnia has a negative impact on health and lowers your general quality of life. Symptoms commonly associated with sleeping disorders are inability to concentrate, daytime sleepiness, lack of motivation and energy, mood changes and general fatigue.

Most of us experienced this problem before. Restlessly lying awake in your bed instead of comfortably falling asleep and waking up unrested the following morning can affect your whole day. That is why falling asleep easily and having a good night’s rest is so essential to your everyday well-being. People deal with these problems in different ways, some seek medical advice, others try alternative methods. This sleep device helps you relax your mind and reach sleep state in a simple, natural way without taking sleeping medication or supplements.

Dodow Review – How Does It Work?Dodow

The main principle of this night light projector is to control your breathing, lower your brain activity and achieve a relaxed state that is necessary for you to fall asleep. The device emits a soothing light that changes intensity, it brightens and dims in set intervals. These intervals serve as a guide for you to adjust your breathing cycle, which has a relaxing, meditating effect that slows down your thoughts, your brain activity and lulls you to sleep. It seems simple enough, but if it sounds too far-fetched or new-age for you, we shall explain the process in more detail below.

The product package contains the Dodow device, three AAA batteries and the user guide. You take the small disc-shaped device out of the packet and place it on your nightstand or somewhere nearby where it is handy and unobstructed. You start the device before going to sleep by tapping the touch-sensitive surface and the program begins. A soothing blue light with low brightness of only one lux is projected onto the bedroom ceiling. The light emitted shines brighter, which is the signal for you to breathe in, and dimmer, when you should breathe out. This interval of glowing steadily increases in length and your breathing, synchronized with the interval, slows down. You start at eleven breaths per minute and gradually slow down to six breaths per minute. Make sure you inhale through your nose, using you diaphragm (so called “belly breathing”), for maximum effect. You will feel that every breath you take slows down your thoughts and relaxes you further and soon you should be sound asleep.

Night light projector with a Calming Effectcalm sleeping girl

The light this gadget emits has a really low level of illumination, measuring a level of one lux, as we mentioned earlier. It is low enough that your eyes communicate to your brain that it is time to go to sleep, which triggers melatonin or “sleep hormone” production. At the same time the light is bright enough for you to follow the visual cues without difficulty. There are suggestions that blue light inhibits the production of melatonin and interferes with the sleep cycle, but that is only relevant for strong light sources like televisions, tablet or smart-phone screens and does not apply in this case where the level only reaches one lux. Blue light is chosen because of the relaxing and soothing properties of the colour blue.

Choice of Two Programs

The device offers you a choice of two programs – the eight-minute program or the twenty-minute program. The choice between the two programs is very simple – you tap the surface once for the short program and twice for the longer program. The amount of time a person needs to fall asleep varies from night to night and from the time chosen to go to bed. You might have an early start the next day and you choose to go to bed earlier than usual, so it will likely take longer for you to fall asleep. That is why two different programs are available for you to choose depending on the level of wakefulness you are feeling. Set the eight-minute program when you are already tired and ready to go to sleep. When you are not so ready, feeling more alert and awake, choose the longer, twenty-minute program. The user guide suggests to start with the short program when you are new to the device, to get accustomed to the way it works, and change to the longer program when you feel you need some additional time to achieve sleep.

What Are The Dodow Benefits

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As we have already mentioned this in our Dodow review – the first and the most obvious reason to purchase the Dodow sleep device is of course to fall asleep quicker. That is the main objective of the device and you should quickly feel the change in your awareness and become sleepy after following one of the two provided programs. The device automatically turns itself off after the program so you do not need to worry about that. Just match your breathing to the light and sleep will come in no time.

The second benefit of the device is that it relaxes your mind and slows the flow of thoughts swirling around in your head. The breathing technique you practice with it is similar to meditation and it helps to relieve the stress you might feel after a long, busy day, which could very well be the reason for your sleeplessness. Feeling amped-up and restless is not a positive thing before going to bed so turning down the intensity of your thought process should provide a welcome refreshment and a night of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

Dodow Q&A:

If you feel you need some additional information about the device which you could not find in our Dodow review or have a specific query in mind about the device, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions concerning it.

Why Use it If You Can Perform the Technique by Yourself?
  • A question that occurs often to people who are considering purchasing the device. The process is in fact similar to meditation. If you are wondering why use the device when you could easily perform the breathing technique by yourself – it is not so simple. The process is programmed in a way to gradually decrease the tempo of your breathing, from eleven breaths per minute down to six breaths per minute. Another part of the program is the difference between the lengths of inhaling and exhaling, the exhaling part being longer than inhaling. These two features make the timing complicated and difficult to keep on your own. Most people can only concentrate on meditation for a short amount of time, usually not nearly long enough to produce the desired effect. All these things combined mean you are not achieving the desired effect, rather quite the opposite. Needing to concentrate is counterproductive to the entire technique. It is much easier to just relax and follow the visual cues of the device.
How Long Does It Take for Dodow to Start Working?
  • This depends on many different factors. Are your sleep patterns regular or do they change from night to night? How long does it usually take for you to fall asleep? What is the reason for your lack of sleep – was it just a stressful day and your mind is still busy with thoughts or you are experiencing these sleeping difficulties most nights? You might be lucky and Dodow will be effective on your first try or it might take you a bit longer to achieve your goal. People that are having fewer problems falling asleep, are experiencing these problems just occasionally and have established, regular sleeping patterns will likely need less time to achieve positive results with the device. On the other hand, people that have acute insomnia and take hours to fall asleep every night might need more time to get accustomed to the night light projector. It is not so bad if it takes you the whole twenty-minute program to fall asleep if it otherwise takes you an hour or more. Practice makes perfect – the best results are achieved when the product is used regularly over a longer period of time and a bedtime routine is established. This way you are more and more familiar with the device and the breathing technique and the time it takes you to fall asleep will grow shorter and shorter.
What about Jet Lag?
  • Dodow is not specifically designed with jet lag in mind, but the breathing cycle can also help falling asleep after a trip to a different time zone that changes your sleeping schedule.
Is It Necessary to Lie Facing Up?
  • Everyone has their favourite sleeping position but lying on your belly or your side makes it difficult to utilize the device properly. This night light projector project its light onto the ceiling so it is strongly suggested to start the process lying on your back so you can easily follow the visual cues and adjust your breathing accordingly. It might be uncomfortable for some people but you can always move to a cosier position once you are just moments away from sleep.
What to Do If Dodow Is Not Successful?
  • This is not a magical device and no one guarantees a hundred percent success. Sometimes the process will not work in the programmed time and you will take longer to fall asleep. The company website boasts of a fifty percent success rate, meaning that half of the people achieve sleep in the allotted time. They stress the importance of maintaining the regime for a longer time period (over a couple of months), saying that it is a learning process which brings better results over time and shortens the time necessary to fall asleep. They also state that while it is unreasonable to expect to be asleep in two minutes, when it previously took you over an hour, falling in asleep in fifteen minutes, for example, is still a much improved result.
Is Sleeping with a Partner a Problem?
  • The blue light that it emits has a really low intensity so it should not bother a person sleeping in the same room or next to you. You can also include your partner in the exercise, even if they do not usually have difficulties falling asleep, the device can still help them doing it faster.
Can this device Ease My Worries?
  • This is a very helpful tool to reach a calmer state of mind if worries are preventing you falling asleep. The breathing technique you perform with the device has meditation-like qualities which help bring you peace of mind. Worrying is not only psychological but distinctly physical as well– your body is also a part of the process. The Dodow breathing cycle helps your body achieve a relaxed state which in turn has a calming effect on your mind. The light that the device projects provides you with an external point to focus on and lead your attention away from the troublesome worrying in your mind.
Is Blue Light Interfering with Your Sleep?
  • As mentioned before, it is suggested that blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, which controls our sleep rhythm. Low levels of the hormone make us awake and alert and in turn, high levels of the hormone make us feel sleepy. Blue light, however, is only a problem with high intensity sources like television or smartphone screens and the low level that Dodow emits is not comparable.
Is Dodow Suitable for All Ages?
  • Dodow is suitable for everyone and is not problematic for either children or the elderly. The only slight difference is that it might take them a bit longer for the process to be fully effective because of their lower breathing capacity. Children are also often afraid to sleep in the dark and the gentle light helps in that regard.

To conclude, if you sometimes struggle to fall asleep because you are too stressed or it is just that kind of a night, Dodow is a natural, easy to use and affordable way to make your problems lying awake at night disappear.

A list of Dodow sleep aid benefits:
  • Its is suitable for all ages
  • Projected blue light helps you fall asleep
  • It helps you reach a calmer state of mind
  • It also helps your partner to fall asleep
  • It helps you against jet lag

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