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Ear Syringe

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Ear Wax Removal Syringe

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If you’ve always had issues with excess ear wax,  because you don’t want to use q-tips, since you shouldn’t use them  in the first place then probably wax randomly clogs up your ears. You should try this ear wax syringe. Leave the Debrox in for 30 mins, and then use the syringe, wax is going to start falling out of your ears and we can assure you will hear better and you will feel no more pain.

Main features:

  • MAXIMUM SAFETY: Use only with ear drops that previously soften the ear wax
  • TRI STREAM TIP: The newly invented tri-stream tip safely directs the fluid stream to the ear canal walls. It also has exit portals which drain the ear to prevent fluid build up.
  • RIGHT AMOUNT OF PRESSURE – safe to use on adults and children

About product


- Tri-stream tip sprays water to earcanal walls
- designed to prevent ear drum injury
- Ear basin bowl
- Bulb siringe
- High quality disposable tips
- Cleaning brush

Additional information

  • 27 g
  • 1.7x 2.0x 5.8 inches

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How to Use the Ear Syringe From DIYHappy?

The excessive earwax won’t go away on its own and also you should not perform ear irrigation in the comfort of your own home. It is better to leave it to the experienced master called the doctor.

The doctor will perform ear irrigation intervention with an syringe and it will not hurt or harm you. It is a common technique done on many patients. First, he or she will look through the otoscope to make sure if you need the procedure. If it’s needed the procedure can be done in the “doctors’ room”. The doctor will use a tool called syringe. With a ear syringe, the liquid (water and saline mixture) will be pressured inside of an ear canal. Imagine like flushing a toilet. It is exactly how it is going to happen. 

Maybe at this moment, a patient feels a bit uncomfortable tilting the head on one side with something dripping out of the ear. That is why the soft tissue can be placed directly under the ear.

Risks and Side Effect 

The eardrum can be damaged with ear irrigation. But this only happens if too much pressure was made during the procedure. Rupture of an eardrum can also happen if you are sick while procedure or you have a weak immune system.

That is why you shouldn’t go to the doctor if you are sick or if you have an ear infection.

Anyway, the doctor will know exactly what to do with you once an otoscopic bright light will shine in your ear hole.

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