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A List Of The Best Ear Wax Removal Tools

Also called cerumen, ear wax occurs naturally in the ears to keep them healthy. It is secreted by the ceruminous glands in the ear and keeps dirt, dust and other particles from harming the eardrums. As time passes, the ear wax tends to build up and dry out. At this point, it is pushed towards the outer portion of the ear. When this happens the wax usually collects faster than the body can remove it so it builds up more.

This is a problem for infants as well as adults and when ear wax buildup happens to it is hard to decide of the problem is bad enough to require an appointment with a pediatrician. For most of the people, it is helpful to know when it is necessary to clean out earwax and what kind of tools to use to get this job done. In this guide, we have covered all of the important details about ear wax buildup and reviewed the new 2018 ear wax removal tool accessible on the market. If you need more information or have additional questions, you can send us an email.


What Is Earwax?

Parents know what ear wax is at its most basic but it helps to know more. It is composed of a sticky substance along with dead skin cells and it is produced in the glands that line the inner ear. It can be unpleasant but it is normal in infants. It helps their bodies prevent infections and other problems. Most of the time an infant’s ear wax will be sticky or dry. Both types are perfectly normal and will not require a trip to the pediatrician.


What Is The Normal Level Of Ear Wax for an Infant?

There is no normal level for babies. No specific amount is considered as normal but it is common to see it build up in a child’s ear. Sometimes, one ear will have more wax than the other. The reality is that there is no normal level to consider normal for an infant in either ear.

What Is Causing Ear Wax Buildup?

The ear glands are always making the material that comprises ear wax. As this substance gets pushed towards the outer ear it usually falls out. Sometimes it can build up. The causes of this for infants and toddlers include:

Cotton swabs. Well-meaning parents often use these to gently clean the baby’s ear, however, these swabs are among the most common reason for earwax to build up. It causes the discharge to be pushed back into the ear and can cause blockages.

Fingers. A parent may try to move the wax out with good intentions but using fingers can do just as much damage as cotton swabs. The finger can cause ear wax to be pushed back into the ear.

Earplugs. Any type of earplug can cause the wax to get pushed back into the canal and may cause a blockage.

When Is It a Problem For My Child?

The only time ear wax should cause concern is when it is obvious the wax has plugged up the canal. This is evidenced by poor hearing, itching, earaches and the child hearing odd noises. More serious problems are causes when wax traps water in the external portion of the canal. If you notice your child is not responding to sounds or is showing signs of discomfort or is rubbing at their ears, it could be that there is a blockage. Have them looked at by a pediatrician.

What Is The Difference Between an Ear Infection and Ear Wax Buildup?

It is hard to figure out if the child has an ear infection or just ear wax buildup. They both can cause an infant to tug at their ears. They may also rub at them or dig at them with their fingers. With ear wax build up, the child will not have problems sleeping and they will not suffer from fevers. This is the case with actual ear infections and the child should get to a doctor immediately.

What Are The Best Ear Wax Removal Tools?

Parents may think that the best way to get rid of ear wax in a toddler or an infant is by using a cotton swab. When you try this, it only pushes the wax further into the canal. This can cause a serious problem. It can also cause damage to the eardrum. A better solution is to use an ear wax removal kit which you can buy at a local pharmacy.

These can be expensive and may not be the right solution for your child. You may also opt for special ear drops which will help the wax move towards the outer area of the ear.

Watch the video below to see how the best ear wax remover tools work:

Here is a List of the Best Ear Wax Removal Tool:

  • Lipo-Flavonoid Plus Dietary Supplement Ear Health
  • Earpick Curette Wax Removal Remover Cleaner
  • Doctor Easy Wax-Rx pH Conditioned Ear Wash System
  • Debrox Drops Earwax Removal Aid Kit
  • Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System
  • Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy


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