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Elephant Ear Washer

Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System – What You Need To Know?

The Elephant Ear Washer is a product specially designed for ear irrigation and earwax removal. Its main component is the sprayer bottle, equipped with a flexible rubber nozzle.

Using this product is fairly uncomplicated:

  1. You fill the bottle with warm water and insert the nozzle into your ear.
  2. You proceed by squeezing the bottle handle, which creates a water stream that softens and removes the earwax.
  3. What remains is to simply drain the liquid and wipe your ear with a soft cloth.


The rubber nozzle is fitted with a splash guard at the end to ensure the irrigation is mess free. A disposable tip is attached to the end of the nozzle and it is the part that actually goes into your ear canal. While the sprayer bottle and the nozzle are reusable, you should discard and replace the tip after each use to make sure the point of contact is clean at all times. Replacement tips are easily available to purchase online.


There are several combinations of the Ear Washer sold on the company website or on Amazon. The basic kit includes the bottle with three disposable tips, while the expanded packages also provide an ear basin to drain the liquid in, ear drops to help soften the earwax beforehand and special wash fluid powder that you mix into the bottle to help maintain your ear pH balance. The starter kit costs around $28, while the expanded variations are priced at $50 and more, depending on the items included.

The price might seem a bit steep to some, but the Amazon customers are rating this product very high with an average score of 4.7 stars (out of 5). There are several different methods to tackle your earwax problems and what will be effective for some people, might not be for others. The Ear Washer seems to tackle with the issue in a simple and successful way, as the majority of the buyers are impressed with the product.

The Story Behind Elephant Ear Washer

This ear irrigation system, manufactured by the company Doctor Easy, which has a long history of making home use medical products, was invented by a Floridian general practitioner MD and has been sold since 1997. The company states that it is a professional-level tool for ear hygiene and earwax removal, comparable to the equipment used in medical offices.

Earwax is a waxy substance that our body produces to protect our ears from infection, repel water and lubricate the skin in our ear canal. Generally, we do not need to clean our ears, as this is a self-regulating process and our body naturally expels the wax. Some people, however, produce more earwax than others and the excess wax can build up and block the ear canal, which can lead to hearing difficulties, itching, earaches and infections. If the problems are severe, a visit to the doctor’s office is necessary, but in mild cases you can tackle the problem by yourself in the comfort of your home.

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