How Many Times Do I Need To Use The Ear Washer to Get Ear Wax Fully Removed ?

If done correctly you should get ear wax completely removed with your first usage. If this would not be the case, you can use it again till your ear canal is fully cleaned and ear wax removed. We generally advise to use ear drops before your first usage to get the wax softened and easily removed.


What Is The Best Procedure To Get Ear Wax Removed?

The DIY Premium Ear Washer comes with different pressure levels. Sometimes ear wax can be really stubborn and hard to remove. We advice our customers to start with a lower pressure level and see how it goes. If there is still wax in your ear canal after the first use you can release more pressure on the sprayer handle to get the rest removed.


How Much Water Do I Need For a Proper Cleaning?

Normally one bottle of warm water will be enough to clean both of your ear canals. Sometimes if you have excessive ear wax which is harder impacted you will need to re-fill the bottle with warm water more then once.


What Is The Recommended Water Temperature to Use?

For proper ear irrigation we highly recommend to use water with at least body temperatures. Water colder than body temperature can have the opposite effect and can cause dizziness.


Why Is It Not Advisable To Stand While Doing Ear Irrigation?

We highly recommend to sit down when doing ear irrigation. The inner ear is closely connected to your balance system and ear irrigation and other outside influences caused while cleaning your ear canal could cause dizziness and other problems with your balance.