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How To Build an EKG at Home

your own ekg

Spotbit-homemade-ekg offers a variety of awesome manuals and zines. From how to get rich, to Artzmania, an awesome indie art ‘zine based out of Malaysia (yet somehow in English!). There’s even a zine called “DIGI GRAPHYX” dedicated to graphic design (coughDIY:happylogocontestcough), there are childrens’ books, business guides, everything!

In Spotbit you can either download a .pdf file, or for those of you haters (you know who you are), you can download the .exe file and get a whole really cool program along with it. The prog even has a page-flippy noise and you can manually turn the pages with the mouse as if it’s right in front of you with your own homemade EKG. Cyber-magazines! What’s next, cyber-babies?!

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