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How To Clean Baby Ears and Earwax

baby ear way removal

Keeping Your Baby’s Ears Clean and Healthy

Just like the rest of your baby, it’s important to keep his or her ears clean, but when it comes to such delicate parts of the body, it’s equally important to step back, approach with care, and ensure we’re not doing any (inadvertently), that might cause discomfort or damage.


Let’s take a look at the most relevant points when it comes to effectively and safely keeping those tiny ears healthy!

Why do I need to clean my baby’s ears and the Earwax?

In a word, earwax! Everyone produces earwax, a brown or yellow substance that plays an important role in keeping our ears free from dirt and dust. Even babies produce earwax, but it tends to be softer than adults’. When earwax gets old, it dries out and moves to the outer ear. Usually, it just drops out or falls out when we are washing but, in some circumstances, it can build up and get itchy, sore, or even cause hearing problems.

This is the kind of earwax you may want to help your baby remove.

5 things you should never do when cleaning baby ears

  • Never get too enthusiastic – normal amounts of earwax are, well, normal! Only remove earwax if it’s causing a problem
  • Never insert anything into the inner ear – not even q-tips or fingers
  • Never forget to clean the crease behind the ear – in babies, it can get really grubby!
  • Never use products designed for adults on babies’ ears.
  • Never assume products marked “natural” are safe – check with your doctor or audiologist first. You can also read our review of the best and most safe ear wax remover tools

2 Great Ways of Cleaning Your Child’s Delicate Ears

Instead, use one of these 2 great, safe methods to clean your baby’s precious ears.

If you think your baby has a problem with their earwax, your first move should be a trip to the doctor. Your doctor will give you safe, appropriate advice and may be able to prescribe you some baby ear drops. If you have to use these drops, wait until baby is lying down and calm, warm the ear drops up by rolling the bottle between your palm, and try to ensure that the baby remains lying down for at least 5 minutes after application, to give the drops time to work.

To clean away earwax in the outer ear, our favorite method is to dip a washcloth (flannel) in warm (not hot) water, ring it out, and gently wipe around the ear with the edge. Remember, you’re not trying to stick anything inside the ear – you’re just helping get rid of the earwax that has already made its way to the outer part.

Remember, ear wax is a part of having normal, healthy ears – even in babies! It’s a good idea to monitor your baby’s ears, just like you do the rest of them, but there’s no need to intervene unless you think the earwax is causing a problem. If you do, make an appointment with your paediatrician – it’s the best way to put your mind at ease.

If this doesn’t work you can use one of the best selling tools which makes it easier to clean your ear wax. We can highly recommend the Wax RX kit we have reviewed lately. For older babies we would recommend using the elephant ear washer set.

You can watch the video below to see how to clean your Baby’s earwax:

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