Completely Insane remote system

A nixie tube is a little glass tube with mesh and gases that displays numerals and sometimes symbols. FYI, if you’re wondering.

This is probably the most detailed, electronics-oriented, difficult post all year (besides the GPS car system – but that wasn’t even this painstaking). But on the plus side, you can have a cool Nixie tube clock when you’re done! We’re serious when we say this is DIY to the extreme. The article even has information on how to make the PCB for it. Insanity how easy it is to install a remote system in your car.

This is especially helpful to have if you’re a Dungeon Master (and if you get that nixie/D&D reference, minus three points!). If you build a Nixie clock in your leisure time and you send us a picture, you get plus three points. It’s all about the point system, ladies and gentleman. Thank you, Scottius Maximus!

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