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Perfect Smile Veneers Review

Did You Know a Smile is More Attractive Than Makeup?

More than 70% of men find a woman more attractive if she smiles instead of wearing makeup, according to a research by Orbit Complete.

Even if ignoring those results, it is common sense to consider smiling appealing. It is a universal sign of health and happiness – after all, who doesn't want to be around happy people?

Out of the belief that everybody should smile as often as possible, we will review a couple of solutions for a better or a so-called perfect smile. If we manage to make a single person smile just a bit more, we will consider ourselves successful.

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Perfect Smile Veneers

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This is a perfect & innovative solution for your teeth that instantly gives you the look of a movie star. They are made of super thin, comfortable material which makes them perfectly adjustable to your teeth and easy to wear. Don’t waste your money on expensive dental repairs, if you need to look great only for one photo this is what you have been looking for.

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  • 145 g
  • 24 x 18 x 8 cm

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How to Get a Million Dollar Smile Really Cheap

Embarrassed of crooked, stained, missing, or broken teeth, but cannot afford the cost of having dental work done? No need to worry. This veneers offers easy solutions that can improve your appearance through an instantly customised fit.

Perfect Smile Veeners is a teeth cover, designed to improve the aesthetics of your smile.


Perfect Smile teeth is the innovative solution for your broken, crooked and missing teeth that instantly gives you the look of perfect teeth you’ll be smiling about. The clip in veneers are made of super thin, consistent and comfortable material which makes them perfectly adjustable to your teeth and easy to wear. This is a cheaper solution making it possible for you to wear a million dollar smile without spending a million on dentists.


Keep in mind, this is not a dental device, and it also doesn’t solve any underlying issues you might have with your teeth, however, it is an affordable option that works instantly.

They offer a money back guarantee, with a non-refundable shipping. When looking solely at the price tag, the product is pretty cheap.

How to apply it?

Perfect Smile Veneers use the same molding process as night guards (a plastic appliance between teeth protectingthem from grinding against each other).

And here we get to the first notable inconvenience: they come in only one size, unlike other similar products. So, if you are a person of a larger or a smaller size, it might be better to look for something else.

The fitting process could go smoothly, but it could also take a few tries to get it right. If you are missing more teeth in one area, it might happen you won’t have much to press against when fitting.


1. First soak them in hot water for about two minutes – this will make them soft and flexible so they will easily fit your existing teeth. 

2. After that press them to your teeth, allowing them to shape according to your mouth.   


3. After about 30 sec put them in cold water, for the mold to become solid and you are ready to go

Using the product

Once you got the proper fit, you could notice that wearing the product may change the way you speak, giving you a lisp. This varies from one person to another, but it can certainly become quite an annoyance if you don’t get used to it. As you are putting the product over your teeth, it also becomes apparent that you have something in your mouth. Your lips could stick out a bit more than usual. It all depends on your anatomy.

You also can’t eat with the device in your mouth, unless it is something soft, like soup. Another thing we noticed is the dark red color of the gums, which makes it look unnatural. If you have a broad smile, that doesn’t fully cover your gums, that is something to consider.

Our Perfect Smile Veneers Review – How to Get a Million Dollar Smile

The Perfect Smile teeth are definitely low-cost options compared to standard veneers which could cost anywhere between $900 and $2,500 per tooth.

It is worth noting that they also lack the type of endurance dental work and custom-fitted veneers have to offer. Daily Mail took the time to test a slightly similar dental product, the Snap-On Smiles, to find out how well they work.

From our experience, consider slightly grounding your expectations when thinking of purchasing this product. That does not mean that these veneers don’t work. Chances are, just like what The Daily Mail found out about Snap-On Smile Veneers, something will be slightly off when it comes to appearance and fit in despite what infomercials promise.

The other thing to consider is the material. As mentioned earlier, the veneers are made of polypropylene – a material that’s known to degrade when exposed to Ultra Violet radiation

It is worth noting that the free radicals formed when the material degrades react with oxygen. According to information from Wikipedia, the material is known to degrade when being used as implantable mesh devices in the body. When the material degrades, it creates a tree bark-like layer that covers the surface of the mesh fibers.

What are the implications of this? While we do not exactly understand how long it will take for the material used to make Perfect Smile will degrade, it is probably not advisable to wear the veneer every day for extended periods of time.

Since consumers are not given the chance to customize their perfect smile, we feel that it is important to state that the product will likely not natural and could be quite uncomfortable.

At the same time, the manufacturer does not share any info about the product’s grip when speaking or chewing, or the number of users you could get from it adhesive-like action.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a quick way to fix your dental emergency, then this product is an appealing alternative. Just make sure that you test drive it before you wear it to an important date or interview.

Perfect Smile Teeth: The Bottom Line

We were not able to come across any reviews of the product by the time we were writing this. Well, this could be because it still relatively new, or simply because there aren’t many dental practices using the product’s name as such, it is likely that any experiences are buried deep within business listings.

While we are not able to report back on any Perfect Smile’s reviews, there is some evidence, though little, that led us to consider the product a scam.


  • They are much cheaper compared to other snap on veneers
  • They are easy to apply
  • Perfect option for making smile pictures


  • They are not available in different shades
  • The product is not available in various sizes
  • There’s no way to change the size of the product (as such, should your veneer be too big for you, there’s nothing you can do about it)

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