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Got an ear full of wax? It is a bummer

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Tips to Unclog Your Ear

For sure you already heard about to not clean your ear canal with cotton swabs or at least not with something you put inside of an ear canal which can push the wax even deeper all the way to the eardrum or maybe beyond it. Of course beyond the eardrum means the rupture of it.

Haven’t you heard that one before? Now you know!

Don’t clean your ears on your own and let the wax do its job.


Where Does the Earwax Come From?

The medical term for earwax is cerumen (in Latin cera means wax).

The special glands in the skin of an outer ear canal are producing this sticky and shiny substance called earwax.  We can recognize it by its orange, red, yellow and greyish color. Its job is to lubricate the skin of an ear canal and to stick the bacterias, insects, and fungi on itself.  

If we are cleaning the ear too much there isn’t anything to protect the ear canal from the otitis media or more known as an ear infection.


Your Ear is Plugged With Excessive Earwax?

Nobody likes the feeling of having something in the ear. For example when we come from the shower and the water is still inside and it is not possible to drain it out. Similar feeling is to have too much of an earwax in the ears.

Too much of an earwax can lead to symptoms:

-Blockage feeling

-Hearing loss

-Ringing in the ears


There isn’t big science behind cleaning your ear canal, but definitely you should visit a doctor for it. He will take a couple of minutes to clean the built-up earwax and advice you with products for ear hygiene. You can also clean the ear wax on your own if you have your own cleaning tools at home like the Wax RX bottle system, elephant ear washer set (review here), or a typical ear irrigator tool. If this does not help you to clean the insight of your ear than you could also try to use one of the ear endoscopes from our shop.

The cleaning isn’t painful and you shouldn’t be afraid of it.

Nowadays if there isn’t  a giant blockage in the ear but still there is excessive earwax they prescribe special medicines – ear drops, sprays. Those are placed in the ear to remove extra wax.

Tips for cleaning earwax on your own

If you want to get rid of an earwax do this: NOTHING!

With washing your hair regularly you will be cleaning your ear canal spontaneously. Water can do magic!

After cleaning your ears with water you can dry the outside of an ear with a towel but please do not use a cotton swab or your fingers.

Your ears are very delicate part of your body so be gentle with them.

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