Haili Care – Premium Wax RX Removal Set

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Are you tired of  visiting doctors and using uneffective ear candles, vacuums, cotton swabs and all other ear wax removal tools that just don’t work for you? This is the answer to your problems – Haili Ear wash System. Our ear wax removal premium kit which wil take care of your problems once and for all.

Main features:

  • PREMIUM KIT – Includes high quality material spray bottle, medical grade silicone tube, ear basin bowl, bulb siringe, 5 disposable tips, cleaning brush
  • SIMPLE TO USE DESIGN – Add warm water and 3% hydrogen peroxide, attach  the cleaning tip and you are good to go.
  • RIGHT AMOUNT OF PRESSURE – safe to use on adults and children
  • ECONOMICAL – It’s the same kit which is widely used in doctor’s offices and hospitals to remove earwax. Buying this kit saves you thousands of dollars spent on medical bills.

About product


- Spray bottle
- Medical grade silicone tubing
- Ear basin bowl
- Bulb siringe
- High quality disposable tips
- Cleaning brush


- The ear washer applies low pressure pump to best dissolve ear wax and protects your ear canal.
- Unique tip design directs the water pressure towards the outer walls of the ear canal.
- Use the soft rubber bulb syringe to get the ear wax out


- Add 4 parts of warm water & 1 part of 3% hydrogen peroxide
- Connect the disposable cleaning tip to the tube
- Insert the tip slowly into the ear and start pumping

Warnings: Never use this product if you have ear infection, hole in the eardrum, blood discharge from ears or any type of injury in your ear. Never use cold water, always use warm water & stay seated while using this product. Never insert whole tip too far inside your ear!

Additional information

  • 145 g
  • 24 x 18 x 8 cm

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