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Propane Mosquito Trap Reviews


A Propane Mosquito Trap Could be Your Summer Saviour

Texas is home to around 85 different kinds of mosquitos. They lay eggs in drains, plant pots and any place with standing water. Mosquitos are not annoying only because they bite. They also carry infections, from Zika to West Nile virus. If you are unlucky a mosquito bite can leave you with serious health problems.


If there is one thing mosquitos love more than sucking blood it’s hot water. Therefore, Texas summers provide the ideal environment for those creatures. Even when not considering the dangerous diseases they carry, mosquitos are just a significant nuisance when being outdoors. Some mosquitos lay eggs in water, others can do it in places that are often wet. So, even if you manage to get rid of all the standing water in your area, you will still not be getting rid of the mosquitos. Anti-mosquito candles and sprays have only a limited effect and do not offer the complete coverage when dealing with those insects.

So, what is the best way of dealing with mosquitos then? Well, this traps are a very effective way to make sure nothing bothers you when you are relaxing in your garden. Propane traps use CO2 as an attractant, imitating human breath. When mosquito approaches the trap it gets sucked in by a powerful vacuum.

The majority of propane mosquito traps are easily maintained, you can move them without effort and they get rid of the mosquitos in up to one-acre area. What’s even better, those kind of traps are safe for kids and animals and are odour-free, unlike most of the candles and mosquito repellents. Ande even though they use a powerful vacuum to suck in the insects, they still don’t produce much noise, so they won’t disturb your peace.

You will need to regularly buy and switch the propane tanks, in order to power up the traps. All propane tanks must have an OPD valve, preventing any overfill and they have to be purged before you put them in. If you don’t purge the propane tank, it could cause additional pressure that can disturb the propane vapour.

Nelson propane can help you out if you need advice on purging and setting up your propane mosquito container. You can also arrange a regular propane delivery to make sure your trap is always ready and functional.


If you want to know more about this kind of mosquito traps than watch the video below:

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