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XY Find It Review

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XY Find It Review – What Is It?

Losing your keys, misplacing your wallet or other similar items all the time? With XY Find It it’ll never happen again. Losing important things is a very common problem and a lot of time and energy is lost trying to find them, not to mention the frustration and stress it causes. Read our XY find it review to get more information before you invest money in this product..

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A study shows that an average American spends two and a half days every year trying to locate lost items and an astounding 2.7 billion US dollars is spent annually in the USA on replacing those items.

Everyone old enough surely remembers the old whistle key finder gimmick from the nineteen-eighties or the early nineteen-nineties. A small gadget was attached to the keyring and if you were looking for your keys, all you had to do was whistle and the device would start beeping, revealing their location. The emergence of wireless internet, Bluetooth and smartphones revived an old idea and brought it up to date with current technology.

XY is one of the several modern tracker devices you can find (pun not intended) on the market nowadays that takes advantage of the technological advancements. The device does an excellent job of keeping tabs and locating your belongings. Primarily using Bluetooth connectivity, it means that the tracker is small enough to fit on most items, has low energy consumption and no additional fees are charged after you purchase the product.

The product itself is made of a resilient synthetic material in the shape of a hexagon. It measures roughly four by four centimetres and has a loophole at the top, so you can attach it to a keyring or a keychain. The size of the device works well with keys, purses and similar items that you need to keep track of. It is available in several colours, most of them bright, so the tracker is easily noticeable inside a purse or a key bowl. If you prefer your tracker discrete and not standing out so much, black is also one of the choices available.XY tracker

“This product powered by a standard watch battery (coin cell) that is easily replaceable, which is not the case with all such products.”

Setting It Up

After you have attached it to the object that you want to track, setting up the tracker involves downloading their official app to your smartphone and connecting the tracker to the phone using Bluetooth connection. The app is free and available for Android and iOS devices. Once you have installed the app and created your account, open it and tap on the “+” icon. Next, tap on “Claim Your XY#”. The pairing starts when you press the XY button (the button is in fact the logo corner of the tracker), the product emits a beep and pairing is in process. When the process is completed and your tracker is connected to your smartphone, you can name the tagged item and attach a picture of the item in the app. The picture will be helpful when using the community feature of the tracker, which is explained later.

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Locating my Things

Locating your things works in several different ways. When you are within Bluetooth range the app shows statuses in relation to how close you are to the object you are trying to find. It has several different proximities like: HERE, VERY NEAR, VERY FAR etc., each one correspondingly further away from the object. HERE status means you are within a meter of the object and the difference between status changes is roughly three metres. OUT OF RANGE is displayed when you are outside of your Bluetooth connection range, which has been improved significantly in recent models and now broadcasts up to a range of one hundred metres.bluetooth

The item you are searching might be covered by other things or just simply out of your eyesight in which case the audio cue comes handy. As long as you are in range of the Bluetooth connection you can trigger a sound alarm on your tracker with the app on your phone, which helps you locate the missing item by following the sound. The tracker’s loudspeaker was upgraded since earlier models and now generates up to 112 decibels of sound, which should be loud enough for most situations.

The app settings allow you to change the melody played by the tracker so you can choose the one that suits you best and you can hear the easiest.

The sound alarm feature works the other way around too. In situations when you are looking for your phone and you have the tracker handy, you can use the tracker to trigger a sound alarm on your phone. Settings in the app enable you to increase your phone’s ringer volume for such cases and the feature even works when your phone is in silent mode. The app itself runs in the background and does not need to be open for this to work, because you never know when such situations will occur, so as long as the phone is turned on and the Bluetooth connection is enabled, you can easily find it with the tracker.

Last Known Location feature is used when the lost item is out of Bluetooth range. The app tracks the tagged items when they are connected and records their locations. When you move out of Bluetooth range the app shows you the last recorded location of the tracker on an in-app map using your phone’s GPS system. You can use that information to check if that is the place you misplaced your item.


The product also has a feature that prevents you from accidently leaving important things behind, like leaving your keys on a store counter, for example. When Keep Near function is activated the app displays a notification on your phone screen every time either you or the tracker moves out of the Bluetooth range. You can change the sensitivity (distance to the device) in the app’s settings depending on your needs and with some fine-tuning you should be able to keep your trackers close at all times with the Keep Near feature – a digital leash in the words of the manufacturer.

Enlisting the help of other people is possible with joining the community of people using the same tracker. A view of the map inside the app displays other devices in the area and you can use that to help other people locate their things or request their help in finding your missing items. That is where the attached item picture comes in handy, so you can share it with other XY users, making the item easier to identify.

The battery life, Bluetooth range and loudness of this tool have all improved since earlier models. The smartphone app is free, easy to use and does not present a serious battery drain for your device. Using the Bluetooth connectivity means that there will be no additional charge after you purchase the product and the manufacturer offers discount prices for packs of two or more trackers because, let’s face it, one will probably not be enough. If you are constantly looking for your keys or misplacing your wallet, XY is THE product to solve your problems.

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