Safe and Cost Effective Ear Wax Removal

Are your ears clogged all the time, is your hearing getting worse, do you feel constant pressure in your ears or do they get infected easily?

Here at DIYHappy, we all know how horrible it feels to suffer from impacted ear wax. It's there and you need to remove it. 

Have you tried using cotton swabs, ear candles or vacuums? Yes, we know, they probably didn't work for you, they didn't work for us either and we ended up having to go to the doctor which was both time consuming and expensive!

We have decided to put an end to expensive doctor's visits, and embarked on a mission to find the ear wax removal tools which CAN BE USED by EVERYONE at home. 

Clean Your Ears Like Doctors Do it in Their Office

Our products are thoroughly tested and built to be used by everyone at home - some are even the same as doctors use in their office . We basically took the professional products and made them more user-friendly and adjustable for everyday users like you and me. The results are highly sophisticated ear cleaning tools, which are effective, safe and simple to use.

The best part - these professional methods are not at all complicated, heck, even we can do it and the same goes for you. 

Take our Premium ear washer kit for example. It's as easy as: prepare / wash / rinse.

It's just three simple steps to get rid of the excess ear wax. And the best part is that it comes with instructions so you can easily do it yourself at home.

Our Mission: Professional Solutions at a Fraction of the Cost

Of course you could go to your doctor every month to have your ears cleaned with ear irrigation, but why would you do it!? They are going to use the same tools you can buy yourself and charge you double the price for just a single appointment.

Our mission at DIY Happy is to offer professional products which can be used by everyone and are available at a fraction of the cost you would normally get charged by a professional.

How do we do it? Like everyone, we are constantly facing one problem or another. Then we check how professionals are solving the problem, take the solution and make it user-friendly without losing its most important characteristics.


We have to admit that you can also find cheaper alternatives to our DIY tools, but why risk it? You will only be throwing money away by trying out ineffective products, while the problems with your ears still continue.


Stop looking around and get the best ear wax removal tools like the ear irrigator, endoscope ear pick or elephant ear washer on DIY Happy.


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Other Products We Recommend

7pcs-ear-wax-remover -set

7/pcs Stainless Steel Set

Main features:

7 different picks, complete set for you and your family. Different unique shapes makes it possible to be in line with the human ear canal and so remove ear wax more efficient.


USB Ear Endoscope 3 in 1

Main features:

With the help of ultra small camera, the Ear Endoscope transfers live video from the inside of your ear canal through a date cable directly to your phone or PC. 


Debrox Ear Wax Drops 

Main features:

Ear wax drops soften the impacted ear wax and make it easier to flush. For best results we recommend to use it together with other ear wax removal tools like an ear irrigator.

Our Happy Clients


 Dianna Bacchia

"I'm a musician and I'm always wearing ear plugs. The other night I took my ear plugs out and my one ear felt like it didn't come out. It was like my hearing was reduced by 75% in one ear and I could hear my heartbeat. That's to free I bought the DIY premium ear wax removal kit. I simply followed the instructions and at first it seemed like it wasn't changing but I had to go through two full rounds and bam chunks started coming out and then it was like my whole ear opened up. My hearing became so much better that I had to do my other ear to even it out. Just follow the instructions and you're set."