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car remote

How to install a remote system in your car

A nixie tube is a little glass tube with mesh and gases that displays numerals and sometimes symbols. FYI, if you’re wondering. This is probably...
battery pack AA

Battery Hacks: Get 32 AA Batteries On The Cheap

You know those huge lantern batteries that are the size of bricks? Turns out they’re actually just a treasure chest containing 32 AA batteries!...
your own ekg

How To Build an EKG at Home

Spotbit.com offers a variety of awesome manuals and zines. From how to get rich, to Artzmania, an awesome indie art ‘zine based out of...
play bass guitar

Guitarbass Pickup

That title was intentionally attention-grabbing. Whereas there’s nothing free in life, there are some things that are less work than others, and sometimes you...

Nes Controller Cellphone Mod

  For all ye jolly jews out there, here’s a sweet post made from one of our friends in Israel, Ori: “I drooled over the microcontrolled...